Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Katie Bar The Door; It's A Veritable Tsunami of "Journalists"! 

To piggyback on farmer's previous post about the Gannon/Guckert flap, I saw that Editor and Publisher reported Maria Recio (co-chair of the National Press Club panel that is set to include Guckert, along with other serious journalists such as Wonkette), said:

"...the inclusion of Gannon had caused "a flurry." She also said she had questioned whether to include Gannon when the panel was first organized: "I raised the issue of 'is he a journalist?' The consensus was that he was someone in the news."
So there you have it. The National Press Club's criterion for being a journalist is "someone in the news."

Who else can meet these stringent guidelines? Michael Jackson? The Pope? The guy who ripped off "The Great Velcro"? Or how about these rogue sea lice?

Maybe some of you folks out there might want to apply for your press pass now, to avoid the rush.

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