Thursday, March 24, 2005

Inside Bush's brain 

Our own Dali Llama, alert reader MJS, throws the following over the transom:

The Bad Magician imagines the President's brain as having a hatch. The Bad Magician climbs inside the President's head. The Bad Magician paints shadows in the folds of the President's cerebellum. The Bad Magician crouches down, leaps up and swings from the President's brain stem. A piece breaks off, turns into a salamander, and runs into the speech center, causing a ruckus. The Bad Magician lights a torch to see in the darkness, and singes away the President's smirk. The Bad Magician invents a door and puts it in the back of the President's fears. He opens the door and monsters crawl inside. The Bad Magician dances around the fire that burns inside the President's head. The Bad Magician looks at his watch and sees that it is late: he makes use of fish hooks and thick rope to rappel his way out of the President's rocky northern slope.

The dream ends. The President sees the shadows and screams.

That MJS! What an imagination!

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