Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hal Turner: right wing radio cluck... 

...looking for attention any way he can get it.

"I don't think killing a federal judge in these circumstances would be wrong," he said, referring to the judge's ruling against Hale's group in a copyright dispute over its name. "It may be illegal, but it wouldn't be wrong." - (Turner being quoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. See link below)

Hal Turner does some "ribbing" at the expense of Judge Lefkow. Because, ya know, someones family being murdered is simply an occasion for yucks and cheap "gotcha" gags if you happen to be some white supremacist neo-nazi ass-crack radio squawk. The General has more.

And apparently Hal (Harold) and Sean Hannity had kinda a thing going a while back. Seems sweet Sean thought well of Hal and his "agenda". Well enough to endorse Hal's Republican run for congress in 2000.
In August 1998 Turner called into Hannity's WABC show and said that if it weren't for the white man, that blacks "would still be swinging from the trees in Africa." This comment drew no rebuke from Hannity, himself a racial antagonist who even calls Turner at home and plugged his campaign on his show, but rather Hannity continued to race-bait with Turner around a number of political issues. In fact, Turner has said on his radio show, and to us that Hannity had become fast friends. Hannity even invited Turner to sit in on a taping on Hannity and Colmes. Turner told us, however that as Hannity star began to shine a bit more he stopped talking to Turner. ~ cached One Peoples project page

Turner has oozed to the surface most recently in relation to the Lefkow murders in Chicago. Harold, or Hal, or whatever he calls himself, is now seeking names and addresses and personal information on different federal judges. Internet Author Says He Has Addresses Of More Federal Judges A request he has apprently posted to his website.

Turner has apparently pulled a similar stunt in the past:
Turner BS is all over the web and it pretty much damns him as the racist he once tried to deny he was. In one instance he has threatened to incite people to "dispense revenge" on Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry and New Jersey NAACP officials and their attorneys after a fire in North Bergen claimed the lives of four people in 1998. Turner charged the NAACP with the deaths because they filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit against the local fire department. Barry was the judge who presided and imposed a hiring freeze on the department until the matter was resolved. After the fire, Turner, a real estate agent with access to the names and addresses of virtually everyone who lives in the state, wrote a letter that appeared on deja.com (now Google) that said that he was going to release the names and addresses of Barry, the NAACP officials, and their lawyers to the families of the fire victims. "It would be interesting to see how those families dispense revenge on those who are really responsible for the deaths of their loved ones, he wrote." Turner was only recently called on the threat by the Daily Targum, the Rutgers University student newspaper, and stood by the letter. cached One Peoples project page

More on Harold C. Turner, of Bergen, New Jersey, who worked for Pat Buchanan's 1992 presidential campaign:
Just when some thought that the modern white supremacist movement had adopted the calmer language of scientific racism, along came Hal Turner. A belligerent, foul-mouthed talk show host, Turner is the maestro of radio hate — a man who rants about a "Portable Nigger Lyncher" machine, "faggots," "savage Negro beasts," "bull-dyke lesbians" and "lazy-ass Latinos ... slithering across the border." And that is just the beginning.


Turner got involved in politics as well, serving as a Republican committeeman in Hudson County, the North Jersey coordinator for white nationalist Pat Buchanan's 1992 presidential campaign, and manager of the 1997 gubernatorial campaign of Libertarian Murray Sabrin.


"I don't think killing a federal judge in these circumstances would be wrong," he said, referring to the judge's ruling against Hale's group in a copyright dispute over its name. "It may be illegal, but it wouldn't be wrong."


In recent months, however, Turner has repeatedly told his listeners he was gravely ill and begged for donations to pay his creditors. But he has never said what his disease was, and his many skeptics have noted that his "illness" seems to worsen when bills come due at month's end. ~ SPLCenter

Yeah, he's ill alright. Although he seemed a chipper sort last evening when he popped up on MSNBC to be questioned by Dan Abrams. Hey, maybe MSNBC will sign him up to co-host with Joe Scarborough. Somehow that doesn't seem so implausible these days.


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