Sunday, March 06, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Back in the day, when we were very young and responsible, some tender souls shared their views about "The Duck Pit". They felt that there some sort of moral equivalence between the barrage of eliminationist rhetoric from the wingers, and our comparatively light-hearted use of the term "Duck Pit." So we stopped using the term. But as Lou Reed sings, Those were different times.

So I say it's time to bring back The Duck Pit!

And I have my first candidate for The Duck Pit: Alan Greenspan.

Readers! Is the Duck Pit just too, too uncivil? And would Alan Greenspan be your first choice?

Aux duck pits, citoyens!

NOTE Corrente is shortly to become the blog of eight. Bolder bolds! Shriller shrills! More reality than you ever dreamed of! Watch the skies...

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