Friday, March 11, 2005

Goddamnit, I Wanna KIll SOMEthing! 

aztec_sacJust in case you thought Bushco was having any second thoughts on that whole torture thing, they throw a big "fuck you" to the world and those of us pansies who have problems with violations of due process and the Geneva Accord:

"The United States has withdrawn from an international agreement that gives the International Court of Justice the right to adjudicate violations of the Vienna Convention regarding the incarceration of non-U.S. citizens, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said Thursday.

And by God, let's have a little Mexican blood to whet our appetite, just to let 'em know we mean business:
"Last week, President Bush asked the state of Texas to order new hearings for 51 death row inmates from Mexico, as the ICJ had ordered.
"The decision the ICJ handed down is a decision we don't agree with," said State Department spokesman Adam Ereli in Washington. "Yet, in respect of the optional protocol and our international commitment, the president has determined that the United States will comply and our state courts will review the cases."
"But we're also saying in the future we're going to find other ways to resolve disputes under the Vienna Convention other than the ICJ," he said."

Yeah? Like what? That modern-day inquisition down in Cuba? This crowd has no interest in resolving anything, unless it ends with frog-marching some poor schmuck into the gas chamber.

It's what they do best. It's his "style".

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