Saturday, March 12, 2005

Funeral March For Social Security 

Yesterday's Funeral March for Social Security in downtown Philadelphia went off very nicely. Philly For Change joined with people from a number of other groups, including NOW, Billionaires for Bush, and The Coalition to Defend Social Security, to march (with a police escort!) down to Santorum's office. Here's a shot of Howard's brother, Jim Dean, helping to carry the casket, and a few other shots from the march itself:

Too windy for the candles, though. Afterward, I joined the group, of whom my husband is a part, for drinks at the Independence Brew Pub, and talked with Jim himself, as well as Chris Bowers of MyDD and Steve (Spindentist) of The All Spin Zone. Dean let us know that Democracy for America is very interested in supporting not only candidates in the larger races, but the small stuff, like school board races, too. He exudes a sweet kind of openness I was not expecting in a political operative, and he wanted to let us know that he would be available to offer help and feedback as needed. We stood around for an hour being buffetted by Flower Show patrons and cruising twenty-somethings, unable to get seated (big surprise!) till someone remembered a reservation had been made at Fergie's Pub, and we duly trucked over there for dinner and further drinking and discussion. As you can see, we took it seriously:

Jim Dean fergies

fergies rMuch fun had by all, and I'm too burnt to go any further.

Happy weekend!

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