Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Fruit Bowl Roundup 

Once again I'll be engaged in non-computer related business today, so here's a little compendium of news to get you to the next post. Adieu, ma petites choux!

No court hearings for Moussaoui.
He can still walk and talk. But once our Cerebrus-headed detention system gets done interrogating him, he may meet the Schiavo test, and Bush will fly right back from his jerk-off session to sign a special bill for him.

Meanwhile, our life-loving culture is still holding its nose at the idea of controlling deadly weaponry. You see, it's not the beings here and now in front of us who can engage us in conversation and look into our eyes and force us to see them, whom we want to protect. It's the formless, the lifeless, those who can't see us or hear us, it's those whom we don't have to see as anything but mirrors of ourselves, it's those on whom we lavish our care and concern, because they don't ask anything of us.

And what cavalcade of clowns would be complete without a visit to the President's Council on Bioethics? Where this week we find that one of Bush's advisors, Diana Schaub, tells him that she knows stem cell research is evil because Star Trek told her so, and compares embryonic stem cell research to slavery:
"Like slaves, Schaub says, embryos have few natural advocates. It is easy for people to treat embryos as inferior beings available for economic or scientific gain."
Well, yes. How damnable of me to think embryos are "inferior beings" that may not be the exact equivalent of my 86-year old mother-in-law! Is it any wonder the whole Legislative branch is tripping over itself to make brownie points off a dying woman's body, with fools like this setting the government's morality parameters?

And yes. Peggy Noonan is still an idiot.

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