Friday, March 11, 2005

Do As We Say, Not As We Do 

Hmmm. Over at The Hill, they report that a goodly number of the House members about to take up the Barririers to Bankruptcy Bill have their own little debt issues:
"More than 40 members of the House reported carrying at least $10,000 in credit-card or charge-card debt in 2003 and parts of 2004, according to a survey of financial disclosure reports conducted by The Hill...
Opponents of the bill drew hope from the data, suggesting that lawmakers who nurse high-interest debt might be more likely to sympathize with indebted consumers. High credit-card debt is often a factor in the decision to file for bankruptcy, although the root cause is usually related to a life-altering event such as a divorce, illness or the loss of a job, experts said."
Hopeful signs of humanity, or more fodder for hypocritical legislating?

I suppose it would foolish to hope...

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