Saturday, March 19, 2005

Department of WTF: "Jeff Gannon" has Philly connection? 

Do tell!

FWIW, I reprint the following item from this week's Bell Curve in City Paper (since it's not available on line):

Prostitute-turned-White House reporter "Jeff Gannon" used to play on the Woody's softball team in the '80s. And nobody made it from first to third like that guy.

I don't know whether this item is a fact, or a factoid (i.e., merely fact-esque). However, the Bell Curve editorial formula starts with the factual setup, and ends with the punchline.

So, readers... Did "Jeff Gannon" pitch, or catch? And did he bring his own glove? And did anyone else, now a married man in D.C., play on the Woody's team?

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