Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Can't Stands No More! 

While the GOP spews out more and more hypocritical horseshit (sorry, horses, no offense intended) there are those critics, pointing out that the Chimperor and his flock of bleating hypocritical sycophants is morally nekkid:

Bush said he stepped into the Schiavo case because the United States should have "a presumption in favor of life," but there were 152 executions in Texas during his administration, including some in which the convict's guilt was in doubt, critics said.

In Texas, Critics Question Bush's 'Life' Culture

And in the Bangor Daily News, Katherine Heidinger rakes over some other, um, glaring disparities between words and reality:

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said this: "The president believes that our society should be based on a culture of life. And in a society that is based on life, that means we should protect and defend and welcome life at all stages, and that includes people with disabilities."

Oh, if it were just so.

The second story focused on a report by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan calling for changes to the U.N. so it can tackle conflicts and terrorism, fight poverty and put human rights at the forefront of its work.

The report said the Security Council's decisions on whether to use force should be guided by a set of clear principles, and it urged all states to accept that in cases of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity, there is a "responsibility to protect" that requires collective action.

Additionally, the report calls on developing countries to cut extreme poverty in half, ensure primary education for all children, improve health care, and halt and reverse the AIDS pandemic.

Oh, if it were so.

On the editorial page were the memorable words written by a Harrington letter writer, Brian Stewart, who told of a project in Washington and Hancock counties that remembers soldiers from the United States who have lost their lives in Iraq. To mark the second anniversary of the Iraqi war, Stewart said, cedar shingles memorializing the country's war dead have been put on telephone poles along a 100-mile stretch of Down East highways.

Not to mention the 100,000 plus Iraqi dead.

He wrote: "As we pass the miles of placards mourning our dead, let us see as well the tens of thousands of Iraqis, the hundreds of thousands of children at risk, the many thousands maimed - and let us with all godspeed and humble heart search for ways beyond war."

Oh, if it were so.

'Culture of life' hard to reconcile with world events

Let us recall Chief Joseph again:

"I have heard talk and talk, but nothing is done. Good words do not last long unless they amount to something. Words do not pay for my dead people. They do not pay for my country, now overrun by white men. Good words will not give my people good health and stop them from dying. Good words will not get my people a home where they can live in peace and take care of themselves. I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and broken promises.”

As the good chief also said, “It doesn’t take many words to speak the truth.”

And the truth is, by their fruits shall we judge them. The fruit lately is stinking of death and greed. May the stench rise into the nostrils of everyone who voted for these hypocritical thieving pseudo-righteous fearmongers and awaken them to action in 2006, if not sooner and more directly via impeachment. Lord knows there's enough pots boiling--Plame, Guckert, etc etc...

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