Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bush: "Terrri who?" 

Guess that whole flip-flopping thing was just another little bit of WPS (Winger Projection Syndrome), eh?

He flew halfway across the country in a vain effort to save her life, but in the week since, President Bush has retreated back to his ranch and remained largely out of sight as the nation wrestled with the great moral issues surrounding the fate of Terri Schiavo.

The president has said nothing publicly about the bitterly contested case since Wednesday, when reporters asked about it and he said he had exhausted his powers to intervene. On Saturday, as he used his weekly radio address to express condolences to the victims of a school shooting in Minnesota and extol a "culture that affirms life," he did not mention the most prominent culture-of-life issue in the public eye.
(via WaPo)

Breaking the law and trashing the Constitution never bothered Bush up 'til now, and as for fluffing the base, why, that's what he's best at! So why hasn't Bush sent in Federal marshalls? They're not in Iraq! Or why not have the Department of Homeland Security handle it? Why hasn't our famously decisive and deeply principled Dear Leader done anything? It's a complete mystery to me—especially since we know He doesn't read the papers, or make decisions based on polling data....

NOTE: I love it how the wingers, with an eye to the upcoming battles over Bush's latest crop of extremist judges, are trying to frame this as a battle over an "out of control" judiciary, when it's exactly the fact that the judges aren't under their political control that bugs them so badly...

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