Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bush Administration: Color Them Opaque 

So much for government transparency. Yes, we know, 9/11 and all that. Still, isn't justifying this a reach?

Courtesy of MaxSpeak: The supersized economist with the elfin sense of humor juxtaposes two items; an online American Prospect expose of the strange activities of a Bush appointed Social Security Commissioner, who is moonlighting on behalf of a privatized SS, with how much it can cost to find out information about your tax dollars at work. Don't pass up the pdf file he's archived in which the government explains what will be the costs of an FOIA request by the AFL-CIO; you won't believe either the final tally, or the way it's arrived at. Wonder how much it cost to the taxpayers for the letter outlining the punitive price of information when sought by citizens about their own government, or put another way, when did 49 percent of the American electorate stop being of the people, by the people and for the people? Have we perished from this earth? Or is it that kind of government which has?

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