Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bubble Boy answers his mail (or not) 

In this week's New Yorker, Calvin Trillin about the death of Brian Slavenas, from DeKalb County Illinois, a National Guardsman, one of the 1500 Americans Bush killed in his war of choice in Iraq. Go buy it on the newsstands so they can keep paying Seymour Hersh.

It's the details that get you:

[Brian's mother, Rosemarie Slavenas] is still waiting for an answer from her own letter to the President, a letter that said, in part, "My beloved son Brian died for your red herring in the sand. He did not give his life. It was cruelly taken from him by your rush to war.

Still waiting for an answer...But from inside the Bubble, nothing.

What a coward Bush is.

I mean, at least Rummy would have had the decency to send her a form letter signed by a machine!

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