Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Boy in the Bubble: If not a pop, at least a slow leak 

People are starting to notice the fakery. The Amazin' Froomkin sums up a lot of local coverage this way:

Today's stories capture not so much what Bush says but what is most remarkable about these events: the stagecraft that goes into them and the exclusion of the general public in favor of screened supporters.
(via WaPo)

And Froomkin makes the following very interesting point:

The biggest danger to Bush may be if his bubble prevents him from realizing that he's lost [the battle to phase out Social Security] and taking appropriate action.

Of course, Bush has built the bubble all by himself. The Partei rallies are the way they are because he wants them that way, and He's surrounded himself with yes-persons and enablers because he only wants to hear good news (or should I say, Good News).

So, long may Bush remain in ignorance. Protesters, put down those signs! When your enemies drowning, throw him an anvil!

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