Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blather On, Garth 

It's a drizzly morning, and my last day to spend doing public service away from the computer. Till I return, there's just time for a quick overview of some newsbits. Hope to be more of a presence tomorrow.

But the inevitable hammer finally came down on Title IX, as the US Commission on Civil Rights knew it would when they issued their now-buried report last year. This law was single-handedly responsible for the explosion in women's sports over the past 30 years. Bush to women: enough of that shit.

The appeals court turned down the appeal made by Terri Schiavo's parents' because there was "no federal issue". It will be interesting to see whether the Supremes step on their own prior opinions on this and take the case. After Bush v Gore, what's to stop them?

Speaking of which, James Ridgeway over at The Village Voice muses that the Schiavo case has given the theocrats new life, and the most likely to benefit is Tom DeLay. Well, sure. Don't the flies always appear after the carcass rots?

And back in the real world, the LATimes has this headline: "Bush Urges an End to Attacks on Plan", meaning his bollux of Social Security. Which would make more sense if indeed he had ever offered a plan in the first place.

And finally, in the "Nothing to see here, move along" Dept.,Editor and Publisher reports that the Pentagon is back on message, refusing to reopen a case involving the detention and abuse of 3 freelance journalists by US troops, who then released them without charge. Go figure.

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