Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Bad Magician: Bug Man Blues 

Preternaturally alert reader MJS channels The Good Doctor once again:
As the moon rises over the Yellow Rose of Texas, a cerebral cortex liquifies against a darkened sky. Across the spinal fluid lagoon, the Bad Magician does the back stroke and finds the deep end covered with the skin of Tom DéLay. The Bad Magician fashions a kayak out of the skin, climbs inside, and floats upstream into a spurting artery of America. His epidermis lost, Tom DéLay crawls onto the shore, clutching his throat as millipedes devour his hands. The last light of the dying moon spills white poison into a spoon: the Bad Magician feeds DéLay 10,000 lies in liquid form. The Bad Magician learns how to make a wall out of Tom DéLay, but it falls and crumbles like leaves born too soon.

Tom Délay awakens from the dream and blames the Children for the tic in his eye. The Children turn and run.

Yikes. Where's th-that ibogaine?

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