Saturday, March 12, 2005

Are You Liking This, Rush Limbaugh? 

A little "frat hazing" over in Afghanistan:
"Two Afghan prisoners who died in American custody in Afghanistan in December 2002 were chained to the ceiling, kicked and beaten by American soldiers in sustained assaults that caused their deaths, according to Army criminal investigative reports that have not yet been made public.
One soldier, Pfc. Willie V. Brand, was charged with manslaughter in a closed hearing last month in Texas in connection with one of the deaths, another Army document shows. Private Brand, who acknowledged striking a detainee named Dilawar 37 times, was accused of having maimed and killed him over a five-day period by "destroying his leg muscle tissue with repeated unlawful knee strikes."
The attacks on Mr. Dilawar were so severe that "even if he had survived, both legs would have had to be amputated," the Army report said, citing a medical examiner."
I guess we can put that right up there with being forced to wear beanies and carrying seniors' books, can't we, Rush? (I'd link you to his actual website page, but the coward bars the average reader from it, much like Rush's Brave Leader bars actual citizens from sitting in his audiences.)

Let me introduce you to few other college pranks:

Ah, those golden days of carefree youth!

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