Monday, March 07, 2005

AP airbrushes Mr. "Gannon"'s profession 

Still not a pretty sight. But the image is a lot uglier than the one AP chose to show:

The White House credentialing process came under scrutiny after a flap over James Guckert, who used the alias Jeff Gannon. For two years he was granted daily passes to White House briefings as Washington bureau chief for Talon News, a conservative online news outlet associated with another Web site, GOPUSA. At a news conference last month, he asked Bush how he could work on Social Security and other domestic initiatives with Democrats "who seem to have divorced themselves from reality."

That attracted scrutiny from liberal bloggers, who linked Guckert with Web sites containing gay pornography. Guckert resigned from Talon News.
(AP via the Post Intelligencer)

Now, there are two words I don't see in that story. They are:

gay escort.

I wonder why?

After all, it's simply not plausible that Rove's famously disciplined White House operation—the same operation that can get Democrats blacklisted for a Partei rally in Fargo, North Dakota—did not know exactly who, and what "Gannon" was.

So the essential question remains, and the SCLM just won't ask it:

Who was "Gannon"'s protector? Who got "Gannon" the pass?

Hey, maybe the blogger who just got a press pass can ask that question? I mean, it can't be that hard to find out. There's paperwork, right? Letting Gannon in? With a signature on it?

Should be an interesting gaggle!

And how, exactly, does taking softball questions from a male escort fit either with family values, or with the idea that the Republicans are the Daddy party? Quite some Dad, huh?

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