Saturday, March 19, 2005

Almost Cut My Hair 

I almost broke my code of nonviolent resistance today, when a big old SUV covered with yellow and red, white and blue magneto ribbons, and a Viva! Bush sticker passed me on a mountain curve, threw a bunch of McDonald’s trash out the window, and took off.

I watched as the burger wrappers, ketchup packs and soda cups rolled down the steep slope, toward the trout stream somewhere far below, where it would be damn near impossible to retrieve them, and, I must confess, thoughts of a high speed chase followed by violence crossed my mind.

Only now, safely wrapped around a couple of stiff drinks, am I beginning to calm down. I think until my outrage-o-meter gets out of the red, I better stay home. Or start looking at my WWMLKD? bracelet more often. Even now, I toy with the idea of perhaps meeting this same SUV in a parking lot somewhere with a head full of dangerous ideas and a broken beer bottle.

Small thing, I guess, but it was the straw, y’know…

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