Monday, March 14, 2005

101st Fighting Keyboarders risk their lives for a free press! 

Right here:

Fifty-six journalists around the world were killed in 2004 because of their jobs, the deadliest 12 months for reporters in a decade, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported Monday.

Of the 56, the committee said, 36 were targeted for murder, continuing a long-term trend in annual surveys of the safety of journalists.

"The majority of them are murdered," said Ann Cooper, executive director of the committee, in an interview with AP Radio. "Local journalists such as eight killed in the Philippines. They were hunted down and killed."
(via AP)

Oh, wait.

Damn. I spoke too soon. Those aren't the Federalist Society operatives like F/Buckhead, safe in their bathrobes in their basement. Or part of the Potemkin Press like that metawhore, "Jeff Gannon." Or the freepers.

These are actual journalists, risking their lives to bring the story home.

In all our clamor about the state of the SCLM in this country, we do forget the courage that real journalists continually show. Of course, being reality-based means confronting reality—and often, people who like reality just the way it is, thank you, want to silence you, punish you... Or kill you.

For the kind of risks real journalists take, check out (once again) Philadelphia's treasure, Trudy Rubin (back).

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