Friday, February 18, 2005

With Apologies 

More than a few commenters have noted the unhappy length of my Eason Jordan post.

I understand completely.

I would point out, though, that much of what makes the post so long are less my comments than the use I decided to make of lengthy quotes, since this was an attempt, in part, at textual analysis. The use of texts within a text is a more acute dilemma in blogging than in any other of my writing experiences. Blogging is primarily a form of commentary, and as an internet phenomenon, largely a matter of creating a structure of links. Should the blogger assume that readers will have the patiance to go and read the linked texts as they arrive in the analysis, or should said blogger attempt to provide some form of the gist of what is being commented upon within the post?

I apologize for any pinwheeling of eyeballs the post may have provoked. The problem is more acute in Blogger, which does not have an easily available option of continuing longer posts on a separate page, away from the main page of the blog, and in addition, Blogger this week has been operating as if possessed by a satanic demon, as I believe may have been mentioned by Lambert.

Final irony, I ended up dumping that huge post right on top of a post that was meant to point to the good work being done by others on the net worthy of your attention. Talk about upstaging yourself. If you missed this version of a blogaround, "There And Back Again" you can take a glance by clicking here.

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