Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Whatever Gets You Through the SOTU 

Remove all heavy objects from room. Stock a supply of rolled-up socks, feather pillows, fluffy cat toys (NOT the fluffy cats themselves, it would be inhumane), wadded up sheets of newspaper (great kindling for afterwards for those with fireplaces) and suchlike objects which can be hurled at the televisor screen as needed.

And if you have time and a means of doing so, we recomment a computer hookup in the televisor room so that every time there's one of those "applause pause" moments (entirely spontaneous, we know) you can hit play on some appropriately inspirational music.

*Note: Completely non-obscene but probably not work-safe due to raucousness and potential to upset surly supervisors with on-the-job laughter. Those so unfortunate as to be trying to get through these times without resort to alcohol should maybe skip it too.

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