Monday, February 21, 2005

There And Back Again, Again 

Digby has a wonderful remembrance of the Gonzo man, himself., that "brilliant goddamned beast," Hunter S. Thompson. It will indeed be a lonelier world without him, but Digby helps to make the loss a little less so. Go read.

In addition, take a look at this post, wherein Digby links to a mind-numbingly dumb op ed by Tony Blankely, and don't we know that some demon or other arranged for this clown to have that name the better to tempt us into bad punning, in which Tony, he of the always striped shirts, writes of Larry David, the actual character as opposed to its creator, the actor-comic-writer also called Larry David, who is responsible for that splendid HBO series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Seems Tony finds the Larry David character entirely admirable, and entirely conservative/rightwing. Notice how the right is always trying to co-opt the creativity of the left? Know why? Go ahead guess.

Now that The Poor Man has become accustomed to his new diggs, he's as funny and as trenchent as ever. A recent personal favorite that you might have missed, if your first response to the new look of the blog was temporary avoidance, is this one:
Falling Reenlistment Rates Among Right Wing Pundits Threaten War On Terror

BLOGOSPHERE (Reuters) - Declining rates of reenlistment among right-wing pundits are forcing units on the home front in the War on Terror to operate at partial strength, limiting their effectiveness, say media sources. Factors such as long tours of duty, fierce and costly battles against a ruthless and evil enemy, and carpal tunnel syndrome have taken a severe mental and physical toll on the conservative punditry, and many pundits are opting not to enlist for second or third tours. There are rumors that a draft may be necessary to ensure that cable news, talk radio and the blogosphere have sufficient manpower to defeat the terrorists and their liberal allies.

Col. William Safire is retiring after a thirty year career in the media trenches. “A soldier’s got to know when his time is up, when it’s time to return to civilian life. My time has come. I’ve been in battle my whole life, from the Battle of Bert Lance to the War of Lewinski, I’ve fought whenever and wherever my handlers needed me. But it’s time for me to go. It’s like the saying says: old pundits never die, they just fade away …”

But retirement is not the only problem. Staff Sgt. Andrew Sullivan, recuperating at the Provincetown Home for Exhausted Critics, had very different reasons for leaving the battlefield.
Read the rest to find out Andrew's reasons, as well as Jonah Goldberg on active duty, and perhaps most delicious of all, The Editors" interview with "Wretchard," identified as "chief strategist at the New Media Center for Strategic Studies, run by Glenn Reynolds, Grand Field Marshall of All Blogospheric Forces." Well, what are waiting for?

John McKay over at Archy has a wonderful post on Vexillological meditation. No, I didn't know what it meant either. Suffice to get you over there to read it to say that he's working off a student's letter filed at David Horowitz's complaint line for wounded conservative students. While there, don't miss this wonderfully interesting essay on possible approaches to writing a history of environmentalism.

Another "you daren't miss" belongs to Fafnir of Fafblog. With the through-the-looking-glass brilliance we've come to associate with Fafblog, Fafnir unthreads the bloody knot of liberal treason, the better for all of us to stop committing it. I can only tell you that I read of my own patriotic failures with increasing horror, and a determination to serve my country better. You can and should find it here.

And finally, Michael Berube has revealed his own votes for the various categories of the Koufax Awards, and for all of us at Corrente, there was a thrilling surprise. I hesitate to say more since my own admiration for Professor Berube, which predates his blogging career by a numberof years, is always in danger of descending into fandom. Let's leave it at there were squeals of delight to be heard through-out the mighty Corrente building. As always when you pay a visit to Michael's blog, don't fail to read the comments thread, they are among the best anywhere, and completely worthy of the maestro.

UPDATE: As often happens with an international blog, posts can pass one another unseen, as ships in the night, which is what happened while I was there but hadn't quite got back again, with Tresy's wonderful piece, directly below on Hunter Thompson. Please do not miss it.

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