Monday, February 28, 2005

Talon News Chop Shop update... 

This was from yesterday but I missed it because I was screwin' off and because my friends Mr and Mrs Harry Woodpecker invited me over to their hell hole for Sunday suet dinner.

More plagarism by White House Spermato Swallow JD Clucking Guckert Gannon. Via Why Are we In Iraq:
Sunday, February 27, 2005How To "Write" Like Jeff Gannon: Example #2
Does Bob Allen of the Associate Baptist Press know that significant portions of an article that he wrote and published a year-and-a-half ago later appeared as a Talon News/GOPUSA exclusive credited to the poor-poor-persecuted propagandist and plagiarist - Jeff Gannon? Bob Allen's story "Christian Coalition divided over Alabama tax reform" (August 12, 2003: ABP Press) only got so much play, but Jeff Gannon's "Conservative, Christians Battle Alabama Governor on Tax Hike" (August 22, 2003: cache link) travelled all across the Internet, appearing here, here, here, and was even cited in this Reverend's sermon).

Catch up...: read entire post.


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