Thursday, February 10, 2005

Spend a relaxing two weeks freezing in hell 

Found this Reuters story which reads as follows:
Iran Promises 'Burning Hell' for Any Aggressor
Feb 10, 7:23 AM (ET)
By Amir Paivar

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran, facing mounting U.S. pressure over its nuclear program, promised Thursday a "burning hell" for any aggressor as tens of thousands marched to mark the 26th anniversary of its Islamic revolution.

"The Iranian nation does not seek war, does not seek violence and dispute. But the world must know that this nation will not tolerate any invasion," President Mohammad Khatami said in a fiery speech to the crowd in central Tehran.

"The whole Iranian nation is united against any threat or attack. If the invaders reach Iran, the country will turn into a burning hell for them," he added, as the crowd, braving heavy snow blizzards, chanted "Death to America!."

Full story LINK

Ok, but, on the sidebar accompanying this story there appeared this offer below (red arrow added by me):

Yup. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, hmmm, I wonder if blizzards, burning hellfire, and throngs of angry locals chanting death threats would qualify me for some kind of discounted offseason rate. Perhaps an upgrade of some sort.

Then again, maybe I'll just stay home this year and clean the garage.

Plus, if you decide to stay at home, you can relax in front of your big 27" immitation hardwood BoobyTron console color tv and watch game shows on the Pentagon Channel! Show em what's waiting for them behind door number two Condi! It's Syria!

See grannyinsanity for further details on this exciting new info-tainment offer.


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