Wednesday, February 02, 2005

SOTU: Did He Say "Frivolous Asbestos Lawsuits?" 

Apparently, Lambert heard it that way too.

Okay, all human beings tell lies, all Presidents, being human, tell lies some of the time. But this President is a liar, although I sometimes doubt that he is sufficiently evolved ethically to even know when he is or isn't lying.

From whom and what do we need to save SS? Not a difficult answer: The Republican Party. In 1983, SS was fixed by a bi-partisan commission to take care of the problem of the retirement of the baby boomers. The fix - higher payroll taxes paid by the middle and working class primarily, to build of up reserves. Those reserves were squandered by Reagan, by Bush 1, and most extravagantly, the Bush I'm listening to right this moment by running structural deficits that were made to look smaller by borrowing these SS surpluses. We, the vast majority of Americans have already paid to fix SS; you want to change the structure of the program, Mr. Bush, give us back the increased taxes we paid on our salaries as of 1983. You putz.

Deficits aren't always bad; borrowing makes sense sometimes. Think about this for a moment. What it had taken 200 years 39 other presidents to accumulate as our national debt, in the course of only eights years Ronald Reagan managed to quadruple. Because of tax cuts. Because of a refusal for pay for government.

His special program to give organizations money to make a difference in harsh places; more cars on the Faith Based Gravy Train.

Our friends in the Middle East includes quite a few unelected leaders doesn't it?

Sometimes trying to keep track of this guys sucker punches just makes a girl feel silly.

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