Monday, February 28, 2005

Scarlet Is At It Again 

That would be "Scarlet" as in Pimpernel, not "I'll never eat carrots again."

I speak of our own elusive Pimpernel, The Freeway Blogger, who has a new campaign going in Northern California.

This is extraordinarily brave stuff, with none of the self-righteousness that often attends brave actions. The Freeway Blogger whose brainchild this has been, would insist it isn't all that dangerous or brave. The site encourages others to follow the example set. With success.
So Far We've Got...
Signposters in
250 Cities and
48 States.
If you haven't visited the site recently you should. I'm always inspired. This is about reclaiming public space for public speech. It's about insisting criticism of one's government is the essence of democratic governance, espcially when the critique is meant to inspire dialogue, not meant to shut up those who might disagree with you.

There's a whole lot of stuff to click on, go ahead and click, in each instance you'll find yourself some place of genuine interest. Check out, in particular, the FreewayBlogger Manifesto, Fun With Hate Radio, and Overwhelming Force. Oh go ahead and click on everything. Think about making a contribution, too.

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