Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Bernard Weiner reveals the contents of national planning documents unearthed during an archeological excavation in Washington DC in 2063. As I sit here now, on a warm sandy white beach, reading the Party Directive Daily under the rustling palms, on the shores of Lake Huron, with my animatronic CableNews anchor fuck-doll covenant wife (with mandatory reproductive capabilities fully enabled as required by clerical law) and my private GOP trained secuity personel guarding our privleged perimeter, I think back to those good old early days of blogging and political warfare and the throngs of orphans, homosexuals, small family farmers, Howard Dean Green Mountain Militias, public school teachers, former middle class Americans, treehuggers, post mortem hippies, Duncan Black Panthers, snookered senior citizens, "liberals" (et al) and so forth, and so forth, and so forth... who would ultimately perish in the blackened oily lake-sea before me in an attempt to escape across the waters to socialist tyranny in what used to be called Canada. Or whatever it was called.

Years before Canada, or whatever it was called, was assimilated into the ConFederated National Security State Complex of Private Corporate Military Industrail Nations and Affiliated ReConstructed Christian Religious Institutions (CFNSSCPCMINARCRI). Too bad about Canada, or whatever it was called. Heh. Indeed. Sigh. Anyway, Bernard Weiner has posted some interesting "historical" trivia related to that period which you might be interested in reading. I posted an excerpt below. Me, I'm glad I finally grew up and started behaving like an adult, or whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I don't really want to think back on those days. Yech. But you might want to.

Honey, smoochie, hey!, stupid! Want to sneak back to the fully leveraged ownership bungalow and do that thing with the loofah - Honey? heh heh heh... [pre-programmed robotic affirmation] --- Well, anyway, Honey's not to dangerously resouceful, but she knows a good time when her intuitive capablities are fully enabled as restricted by clerical law. Heh, Indeed. Sigh. Whatever.

Oh yeah...from Bernard Weiner at Crisis Papers:
We therefore need to re-pledge our fealty, and a large portion of our financial assets and energies, to the following goals:

1. Consolidating our control of the mass media.

2. Increasing our control of the Congress.

3. Making more inroads into controlling the Courts.

4. Keeping control of the White House.

5. Rolling back the socialist programs from the FDR and LBJ days.

6. Tightening up our education reforms.

7. Strengthening our electoral base.

8. Increasing our redistribution of wealth upwards.

9. Further weakening of, and ultimately destroying, the Democrat party.

You can read the rest of these "historical" documents via Crisis Papers. If you have time: See Secret Rightwing Agenda Unearthed

Honey! Honey! Damnit. The Bozells will be here for FOXTV-dinner any minute. Please change your batteries, slip into something conservative, and stop fussing with your internal i-Pod!


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