Saturday, February 05, 2005

Novak: Congressional Republicans to use "nuclear option" 

As I said of the SOTU, "This means war." (back)

WASHINGTON -- Senate Republican leaders have decided to begin their use of the "nuclear option." Associate Justice Janice Rogers Brown of the California Supreme Court was one of 16 Bush nominees for U.S. appellate courts whose confirmation was prevented by Democratic filibusters in the last Congress. With Republicans still short of the 60 senators needed to limit debate, the nuclear option will seek to confirm judges with a simple majority vote through parliamentary maneuvers.
(via Town Hall)

And useful idiots like Kristof think the Dems should go first on Social Security to give those moderate Republicans cover?

I don't think so, since the Republicans are clearly going to ram through whatever they have the power to do.

Never mind that it's taxation without representation for half country minus Bush's 100,000 margin in Ohio.

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