Thursday, February 17, 2005

Negroponte Retro 

Negroponte in an interview stored at GWU archives, discussing the invasion of Grenada:

I wasn't involved, I was not involved and I don't remember much, but I remember one thing very vividly which was that I, I basically learned about the invasion of Grenada from the President of Honduras, who called me up to say "Do you know what's going on?" and I said, "Well I have an idea, but I don't know for sure." And he said "well you're invading Grenada" and he said "please tell the troops that when they're finished there to just keep on coming to Nicaragua." So it had that effect on the leadership of Honduras and I'll never forget that phone call from the President of Honduras.

He goes on to deny that there was ever any intent to invade anybody else in Central America, but of course there were troops in Honduras all along (over 12,000 I hear), supporting torture and murder. And King George I had other ideas with Panama. Interesting that he says he’ll “never forget that phone call.” I wonder why? Imperialism has to cover its tracks, keep its plans hidden? Especially when the “president” in question is a U.S. puppet? You can bet Negroponte knows that the CIA supplied torture equipment to “Battalion 316,” a Honduran army unit that kidnapped, and then tortured and killed hundreds of people using electric shock and suffocation. The battalion was trained by American and Argentinian advisors, and their victims included anybody deemed to be anti-American, interested in social change in Latin America, or supporters of the Sandanistas. The director of the battalion, General Gustavo Alvares Martinez told Negroponte that he wanted to use Argentinian methods of eliminating his enemies. In 1983 Reagan awarded Martinez the Legion of Merit "for encouraging the success of the democratic process in Honduras.” Read more here: Torture was taught by CIA; Declassified manual details the methods used in Honduras; Agency denials refuted and here: In These Times 25/09 -- In From the Cold War

The Times reported in 1988 that: "American diplomats exercise more control over domestic politics in Honduras than in any other country in the hemisphere..."

What strikes me is that Negroponte has made a real career of supporting terror tactics, torture and “regime change,” then covering his tracks and denying knowledge of anything. Now he’s in charge of intelligence nationwide? Oy. Wonder if he still supports “Argentinian methods”? Of course not. Neither does Gonzales. Why? Because they said so. Duh.

Cointelpro and McCarthy never sounded so innocent. Frogs in the pan, getting warmer and warmer.

No word yet on when the new torturers will get their medals…

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