Monday, February 14, 2005

Mr. Gannon's Profession 

You had to know that when the winger replicants all started whining in unison about the politics of personal destruction in L'affaire Gannon (back), that they were trying to change the subject as fast as ever they could.

And now we know why.


Personally, I have no problems with Mr. Gannon's career choices. Nor, I suspect, would our libertarian friends (the ones, that is, who also recognize the fascist character of the Bush state).

But I suspect even the most see-no-evil member of the base might have some problems. Or not. [TYPICAL BASE MEMBER: Must... stop... cognitive... dissonance...]

The Bush mandate [Caution: NOT WORK SAFE either]. How right, how very right, how righteously right, how even righter than we knew, how utterly maximal schadenfreude-ly right we were....

Once again, things turn out to be so much worse than we ever imagined.

Not that I'm gloating.

UPDATE And what a wonderful valentine for Scott "Sucker MC" McClellan!

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