Sunday, February 13, 2005

"managed democracy"... 

...and Elliot Abrams dances in the Moon-light

Circa 1998: Elliot Abrams hits the PR trail on behalf of the Unification Church. Via John Gorenfeld:
Finding common cause in supporting the Contra death squads in those days was Reverend Moon, owner of the Washington Times, whose right-hand man cut the $100,000 check that opened Oliver North's "Freedom Fund." [1]

Well, it seems that Moon and Abrams haven't drifted apart since the Contra days. In 1998, Abrams hit the road to speak at a number of Moon's events.

In November, 1998, Moon's Unification Church hosted (through a front group, the "International Coalition For Religious Freedom") a seminar in Brazil. The conference tackled (along with the Scientologist perpsective and others) four "urgent contemporary problems":

1. Reverend Moon still banned from visiting various European countries
2. Parents keep hiring "deprogrammers" to kidnap young people who've left them for the Moon movement, Japanese government not doing squat about it
3. Japan not letting Reverend Moon visit (its Supreme Court having recently convicted his church of a gargantuan campaign to take the elderly for millions)
4. Followers in Moon's "True Family" still being called "cultists"

Read John Gorenfeld's latest on the adventures of Moon and Abrams HERE

Sun Myung Moon, 1987:
"There are three guiding principles for the world to choose among: democracy, communism and Godism…It is clear that democracy as the United States knows and practices it cannot be the model for the world."

Well, that doesn't sound very "patriotic" or freedom loving or democracy spreading does it? Hey?, where did all the Jesus shouting treason police wingnuts go? Where are all the hoots and monkey noises from the Cult of the 'W' Stofstrupp about the death of western civilization and Christianity when this diseased theocratic fascist cult-toad lets one rip? Huh? Where's all the foot stamping outrage! at the fawning exploits of Elliot Abrams. Oh yeah, I forgot. When it comes to guzzling the Moon-shine the right-wing faithful are all lined up at the back porch door; tin cups in hand.

It's a good thing the "True Parent" hadn't suggested that he was a model for some character from Love Story, or some similar horrible deception like that. For surely, had that been the case, the ferocious media sniff-dogs would have been at his heels like hyenas onto the scent of a wounded wildebeest.

[1] - Further note on the Nicaragua Freedom Fund: NFF co-chairs included Michael Novak (American Enterprise Institute, among others) and William Simon (former Olin Foundation president and Nixon administration Treasury Secretary, among others). Arnaud de Borchgrave (Washington Times editor in chief) announced the formation of the NFF in 1985. Oliver North had requested the NFF be established (reportedly with then National Security adviser Bud McFarlane's blessing) to route "humanitarian aid" to the Contra's. Later, Ronald S. Godwin (Moral Majority and Washington Times) would help secure funding for North through the Interamerican Partnership, which, as Common Cause Magazine described it in 1993, was "a fore-runner to North's own Freedom Alliance." (see Intra Contra Wars by Robert Parry)

Ronald S. Godwin? Godwin was former executive director of Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority and became a chief executive officer at The Washington Times following Moon's assisted bailout of Falwell's Libery University in the early 1990's. That's why Jerry Falwell always has that creepy smirk on his face. Moon has his finger so far up Falwell's fat ass it's affecting Jerry's countenance. Jerry Falwell is kind of like a used Moonie finger fuck puppet. And where is Ronald S. Godwin today? Apparently he's slithered back to Liberty University where he will hold sway as the first dean of the "Helms School of Government."

Grover Norquist and the College Republicans circa 1980's Robert Parry writes:
In the 1980s, Norquist was a leader of the College Republicans when they were getting subsidies from the secretive fortune of Sun Myung Moon, a South Korean theocrat whose organization has a long track record of illicit money-laundering. Moon was pumping tens of millions of dollars into American conservative organizations and into the right-wing Washington Times.

Some Republicans raised red flags, citing Moon’s history of brainwashing his disciples and his contempt for American democracy and individuality. In 1983, the GOP’s moderate Ripon Society charged that the New Right had entered “an alliance of expediency” with Moon’s church.

Ripon’s chairman, Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa, released a study which alleged that the College Republican National Committee “solicited and received” money from Moon’s Unification Church in 1981. The study also accused Reed Irvine’s Accuracy in Media of benefiting from low-cost or volunteer workers supplied by Moon.

Leach said the Unification Church has “infiltrated the New Right and the party it wants to control, the Republican Party, and infiltrated the media as well.” Leach’s news conference was disrupted when then-college GOP leader Grover Norquist accused Leach of lying.

For its part, the Washington Times dismissed Leach’s charges as “flummeries” and mocked the Ripon Society as a “discredited and insignificant left-wing offshoot of the Republican Party.” [For details on Moon’s ties to the GOP and the Bush family, see Robert Parry’s Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq.]

Over the next two decades, with billions of dollars from the likes of Rev. Moon and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, the conservative media infrastructure grew exponentially, becoming possibly the most potent force in U.S. politics. - [see following link for source]

So, what kind of monster has the Bush administration and it's satrap movimiento been building in this country for at least the last twenty five years? Parry calls it "managed democracy." Read "Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy'", by Robert Parry, February 12, 2005.

I think - given it's close relationship to a collective bloc of powerful moneyed theocratic right-wing religious clerics and cultists, elitist corporatist business and media aristocrats, military industrial complex interests, all advancing behind a noisy bulldozer division of neo-fascist/falangelike pseudo-populist frontmen - that the Bush "vision" more resembles something comparable to El Caudillo Generalissimo Francisco Franco's Spain.

O'Lord, graciously accept the effort fo this people which was always Thine, and which with me and in Thy name has with heroism defeated the enemy of truth in this age.... Lend me Thy help to lead this people to the full liberty of dominion for Thy glory and that of thy Church. ~ Francisco Franco, May 20, 1939.

In any case, despite my recent interest in Spanish history, Parry asks:
Has the age of "managed-democracy" – and one-party rule – already arrived?

Don't hold your breath expecting our kennel of perfumed media poodles to attempt to answer that. They know who pays for their chew toys and trips to the grooming salon. And you can be sure that come Monday morning these very same media chippies will all be scurrying in front of their cameras and keyboards to remind us all that Howard Dean is the greatest threat to democracy, Christianity, and mother hearth and homeland since Sputnik and the election of the presidium of the Central Executive Committee in 1917.


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