Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mainstreaming The F-word 

More and more DIY journalism over at KOS (and since the journalists won't do it, we have to):

[AMBASSADOR JOSEPH WILSON] I did not like fascists when I fought them as a diplomat for 23 years and I don't like them now in my own country.

Don't like them? Why not? You can sit down and have a beer with them. Or maybe play with their loofah. After all, they're just entertainers, scholars, "Paid Policy Advocates"... And torturers (but they only torture non-Christians).

So what's not to like? Let's be reasonable, now.

UPDATE Extremely and justifiably alert reader Tinfoil Hat Boy comments:

There's a great way for Dems to frame this without getting tarred with the shrieks of the right saying we compared Bush to Hitler.
"I don't know if I would use the word fascist, but I do know that this Administration often wraps itself in the flag, brands opponents as traitors, relies heavily on propaganda for dissemination of its ideas, invokes subversive enemies (at home and abroad), embraces militarism and permanent war, favors expansion of the surveillance powers of the state, scorns intellectuals, etc.

Now you may want to call that fascism - I call it a threat to freedom and democracy."

I don't care about shrieks from the Paid Policy Advocates—they will shriek no matter what we do. But I do care about getting people to listen whose minds have been warped by the $300 million a year the fascists spend on propaganda.

If we can't say "Fascist," can we say, say, Effhead?

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