Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Jeff" vs. Monica All-Star Celebrity Death Cage Match 

Summing things up:

 "Jeff Gannon"Monica
White House passYesYes
Republican "Paid Policy Advocate"YesNo
Contact with President PublicPrivate
Used real nameNoYes
Softball questionsYesProbably
Funded by Texas RepublicansYesNo
Access to classified documentsYesNo
$27,000 owed in back taxesYesNo
Professional escortYesNo
Wore thongNot yet knownYes
Wall-to-wall media coverageNoYes
Length of time family's privacy invadedOne dayTwo years
It's not the sex, it's the lyingNot yet knownOh, please
President's PartyRepublicanDemocratic

Just to be helpful, I've highlighted the part that the wingers, and the LRWM, just don't seem to want to talk about.

I wonder why? I mean, it couldn't be that Gannon has something on someone in the White House, would it? Something about one of his clients from his life as an escort?

Something that reflects very badly on the party that's upholding the sanctity of (not gay) marriage?

I'd say it's Gannon winning easily, but what do I know?

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