Saturday, February 26, 2005

I know you're out there - I can hear you grinding your teeth 

Lamber asks below: "So, if God is in the White House, why was Guckert in the press room?" - Bill Berkowitz tries to get some answers...
Christian right mum on Gannon Affair
Why have the 'traditional family values' folks erected a wall of silence around the Gannon scandal?

They were livid over SpongeBob Square Pants' participation in a video advocating tolerance, and fuming about Buster the Bunny's visit to a lesbian household. So where's the outrage from the Christian right over the Jeff Gannon Affair? Despite a chunk of time having passed since the Gannon Affair was first uncovered, Christian right organizations are still cloaked in silence.


Curious about this wall of silence, I phoned several Christian right groups on Tuesday, February 22, hoping to find someone who could comment on the Gannon Affair. This is what I found:

go see what Bill Berkowitz found.

Meanwhile: other more pressing OUTRAGES continue to mount. Shrieks Agape Press headline:
UW Officials Slammed for Allowing Transvestite Inanity, Published Profanity

By Jim Brown (American Family Radio News)
February 25, 2005

(AgapePress) - An institution of higher learning in Washington State is being criticized for allowing a drag queen competition on campus and permitting the student newspaper to run an article containing profanity.

According to University of Washington Daily reports, 600 people came to see the second annual "Gender Bender Drag Competition" on the university's Seattle Campus. According to the Daily, the event included graphic sexuality, sex jokes, and other kinds of dirty humor. Reportedly, 150 would-be spectators had to be turned away due to limited seating.

The UW Student Affairs Office declined to comment on the drag queen competition or on the Daily's use of profanity in its coverage of it. However, Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute had plenty to say about what he calls an "utterly indefensible" event.

Bob Knight
"Parents and taxpayers who pay good money to ensure that kids get a good education don't have this kind of stuff in mind," Knight says. "These groups are being allowed to corrupt kids -- that's really what we're talking about -- they're tempting kids into weird sex, weird depictions of sex, gender-bending. They have no business doing this on a publicly supported campus."

Hmmm. It's a good thing the White House is no longer public property or Bob might be pretty upset with some of the weird "depictions" that have been oozing, of late, out of that Washington campus.

Seize the moral high ground - concede nothing..... This Modern World


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