Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Howie and Wolf go all bitchy on us... 

A little commentary from "Joe in DC" which bears repeating. Via Americablog

A couple more thoughts on Gannon/Guckert

There has been some brilliant writing today on Americablog. Kudos to John for his excellent work. The other bloggers have also laid out key issues. I just wanted to say the things that are on my mind:

First, from talking to friends and family, I get the sense that there is some hesitancy about what appeared here today. Granted, some of the web sites and pictures people are looking at is pretty shocking. But, rest assured, to comment on what Gannon/Gucker has done isn't homophobic. This isn't about the gay issues. So, when you get over the initial shock, focus on the real issues.

Second, this shows the absolute disdain the right wingers have for the allegedly mainstream media. Gannon/Guckert/Talon/GOP USA did this right in front of the White House press corps. Gannon used the media last week to create a sob story...those means bloggers are picking on me. He had no compunction about appearing with Wolf Blitzer and denying anything sordid. He thought there were no ramifications. And Howie Kurtz...could he have had any more misplaced sanctimony?

This guy played the media -- including Wolf and Howie -- for fools. And they let him.

Yup. And that goes for those easily hoodwinked clowns at CNN's Daybreak too.


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