Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Holy Shit 

Sometimes, only your basic Anglo-Saxon four letter word will do. No offense meant to religious compatriots.

John Avallos at AmericaBlog brings to our attention evidence that the hostility of the religious right to homosexuals might not only be a response to having been forced to deal with, lo, these many years, the seepage of that notorious homosexual agenda into mainstream media.

The evidence comes from "The Center For Reclaiming America," which is associated with the Rev. James Kennedy, whose frequent appearances in all venues of the SCLM, especially MSNBC, you may be familiar with. If not, let me assure you that Rev. Kennedy is always presented as a mainstream, non-ideological, non-extremist, evangelical Christian who just wants to be heard above the secular humanist din.

From the Center's news blog, "THE INSIDE TRACK, NEWS You Won't Hear On The News:"
Move over Fox and Friends. A new morning news program is entering the already-crowded market. It’s name -- Good morning Gay America! The show is an offering from Q Television, a gay pay cable network which caters to “gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and the curious.”


Fortunately, the program, which purports to “feature news from every national gay event across the country,” is only available in select cities. Unfortunately, systems are being added in other cities, according to a Q spokesman.

Take Action!

Contact your local, state, and national representatives and tell them you are tired of the glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. Ask them to prohibit the Q network from infiltrating your town.
A pay cable channel you can't see unless you plunk down your ready cash, a channel that is explicitly aimed at a gay audience, which includes those of us heteros who consider gays part of our world, who are related to gays, or number gays among our friends, and this bunch of hooligans has no compunctions about pressuring cable systems not to allow them into the marketplace. Wasn't the marketplacce suppposed to be sacred to these free-market religionists?

I suppopse I could have called this post "Unholy Shit," but the truth is that it is this version of evangelical Christianity, in particular, which refuses to recognize the fundamental humanity of gay people. And they ought to be called on it at every turn.

I often wonder if an outfit like Kennedy's, or any of the others like it, just haven't noticed that on Home & Garden Television, as well as on the Food Network, one finds a daily, total acceptance of gay humanity. Gay couples are presented as just that, with no pretense that the two men or women who are showing you the house they renovated are anything but what they are, partners who share both their lives, their love and their home with one another, and sometimes with their adopted children. And are presented in exactly the same way as are heterosexual couples, who are not always married.. Or, are all those Concerned Centers for American Religious Reclamation just too chicken to take on the Discovery Network, which is sufficiently big to push back, hard. They're right to be afraid. There's nothing like actual human contact to undermine bigotry.

If Gay partnership is good enough for the large audience that buys her books and watches Debbie Travis, who does makeovers regularly on "The Painted House" for and with gay couples, (one, called the "black" dining room, which was actually deep purple with a green ceiling, I often dream about), can the rest of America be far behind?

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