Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hidden Costs Pop Up 

And now we hear that the “supplemental” war budget request includes items Bushco didn’t want to put in the overall defense budget. Why? Duh. So it would seem that military spending is less than it really is. According to the Chicago Tribune,

But the White House attached its extra spending request to a measure that is labeled "Funding for the War on Terror." Among the extras is $5.3 billion to pay for a restructuring of the Army and, to a lesser degree, the Marine Corps. The administration chose to not include those items in the $419.3 billion defense budget for 2006 that Bush submitted to Congress last week.

That omission has raised bipartisan concerns among members of Congress, who criticized the president for using the supplemental request to further bolster an already escalating defense budget, and to fund programs that are unrelated to military operations.

You’ll be glad to hear that Kerry backs this spending. Why would he? Well, he says “we’re in a different situation” than the last time he voted against war spending. No “bipartisan concerns” from JFK, nope. And just when I thought he was spining up.

We gotta build this party from the ground up, folks… or I am I being unreasonable, here?

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