Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hertzberg Does Gannon/Guckert 

If it sounds like that title is an intentional innuendo, it isn't. Every other configuration, like say, Hertzberg on Gannon/Guckert seemed as innuendo-bound, but then isn't it true that Gannon/Guckert's life as we've come to know it is as rippling with innuendo as it is with muscles of all varieties.

Anyway, The New Yoker has it here, so give yourself a treat and go read. I sometimes wish that Hendrick would let more of his emotions show, but he's a wonderful writer who mainly gets the politics right. Okay, I could have written "correct," but the right wing has manged to make it into an even dirtier word than right wing.

Sometimes I wish Hertzberg's pieces were longer, but he manages to be pithy and say what needs saying; I especially like that he picks up what Al Franken has been delighting in - that the famous new conference question one sees played endlessly, about what crazy Harry and crazy Hillary said about the economy was actually a quote never uttered by either Senator, but made-up by Rush Limbaugh, who was delighted to claim authorship of the phony quote. How many degrees of irony is that? I lose count so easily.

I'm reading Hertzberg's new book, "Politics, Observations and Arguments 1966-2004," and it's terrific. You younger readers should have it on your bookshelf. I lived through those years as an adult, and I'm still enjoying it...Holy Moly, has it really been that long that I've been reading, you, Rick?

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