Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happy Sunday Headlines Roundup 

Following up on Dahr Jamail’s idea that the iWaq (s)elections were all about “oil for guaranteed political power,” the local Sunday fishwrapper blares an AP headline: “Facing Shiite landslide, insurgents step up attacks.” Read a little further down, and yes, indeed, it looks like the deal is done, the UIA is a lock.

And it looks like the Sunnis aren’t going to take it very well. Will the Kurds demand autonomy? How long until someone calls this a civil war brokered by the USA, which is what it is? And how will the US troops help secure American Oil in the coming months? With blood, naturlich.

Stay tuned. I’m sure the talking heads will be all over this.

Meanwhile Bushco, not content with assuring oil profits and tax breaks for their cronies, another headline announces that “Indian schools may be slashed” in this year’s budget. Oh dear, Indian Health Services, too? So much for SOIN. Well, heck—what’s another treaty violation or two among friends? Oh my, and lookie here—home heating aid for the poor will be slashed as well. Eat yer Alpo in the cold and dark, grandma and grandpa. And quit yer whining. There’s a war on, and everybody has to make sacrifices.

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