Sunday, February 27, 2005

GPS chip in a National Driver's License? 

What an ugly thought.

But since GPS chips are already in cell phones, why not?

I'm with the gun nuts defenders of the Second Amendment on this one.

The newest offense: DWD—Driving While being a Democrat. Of course, that's just a paranoid fantasy: The black lists Rove's local operatives have compiled to exclude The Not Adulatory or Idolatrous from Partei rallies would never be handed over to the Staties, let alone any Federal departments. Phew! I'd glad I referred that one to my own, internalized Department of No! They Would Never Do That! I was verging on tinfoil hat territory, there! Now I'm calm.

Then again...

Drivers could just leave their driver's licenses at home, rather than be tracked, but that rather defeats the original purpose of a driver's license, eh?

Alternatively, there's this scenario:

YOU "Gosh, officer, the chip seems to be broken!"

OFFICER "Yes, I pinged your car with the digi-gun and your chip didn't respond. That's why I pulled you over. Can you step out of the car now, please?"

Personally, I don't drive, but for traitors outliers like me, there will always the option of subcutaneous injection...

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