Saturday, February 05, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Last year, I watched the Eagles get beat in a big hotel lobby downtown with two ladies who lunch in from the 'burbs on SEPTA and a homeless person. A waitress kept coming round asking us all, including the street person, if there was anything she could get us, but this was while I was still unemployed, thanks to the Republicans in Congress, so I had no money, and kept cadging the free peanuts from the bar...

This year I hope it's the same: With at least one exception—oh, wait, let me not jinx them, please Jeebus...

UPDATE Alert reader Matt Davis writes:

Look, Lambert.

The best thing you can do to avoid jinxes is to focus on the Eagles' potential to lose because of last year.

Go Iggles!

And that's what I'm doing, Matt, thanks to your helpful advice. Go Iggles! Right down the crapper, as usual. Fuckin' chokers.

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