Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gaslight watch: More extremely non-political terror alerts 

The "Jeff Gannon" fiasco must be getting to them. So they've turned to The Department of Changing The Subject for guidance:

Speaking with one voice....


... President Bush's top intelligence and military officials said Wednesday that terrorists are regrouping for possible new strikes against the United States.

Grim at times, the appraisals on threats to the United States indicated the second Bush term would remain fraught with warnings but often short on specifics shared with the public.

During the presidential campaign last year, the Bush-Cheney team often warned vaguely of terror threats.

But "it isn't over. It's going to take a while," Rumsfeld said. "It is a very serious business we're in."
(via AP)

Right. Hauling of bricks of greenbacks in paper sacks is certainly serious. I mean, it would be serious to me?

Incidentally, this is as close as I've seen routine reporting calling bullshit on the extremely non-political terror alerts. More like this, please.

UPDATE Our friend Howie the Whore has this to say:

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told the trade publication Editor & Publisher that he didn't know Gannon was using a pseudonym until recent weeks and that he was cleared into the White House on a daily basis using his real name. "People use aliases all the time in life, from journalists to actors," McClellan said. He said he has discussed the Gannon matter only "briefly" with [Bush]
(via WaPo)

Well, I'm sure a brief discussion was all that was needed...

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