Sunday, February 13, 2005

Don't park your stinkin' Humvee under my olive tree 


"The president's priorities are totally nuts." ~ Thomas L. Friedman / The New York Times - February 13, 2005. (no login required)

Uh oh. Tom's clearly escaped from the manor house and is running around on the front lawn like some kind of rogue frondescent sprout gnome! Next thing ya know he'll be stenciling daisies on the door panels of his Lexus or hitchhiking across the country to attend Rainbow Family gatherings in the Umpqua National Forest! Some kind of preemptive strike may be necessary. Perhaps Bill Keller will be compelled to reel him in and ship him off to madame Benador's parlor of neo-conservative charms for a little R&R.

I mean what next? We The Planet Festival workshops with Julia Butterfly Hill!

Judith Miller materializing on Hardball dressed in white go-go boots and sporting dangly peace sign earings! Good God, what will we tell the children at the Heritage Foundation!


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