Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Corrente Poll #003 Results 

Poll closed just after midnight Feb 15, 2005.

[Question] Which classic childrens book had the most impact on you as a youngster:
430 total votes cast and counted.

9: Cinderellaism 1% - 5 votes
I know, I'm not sure what Cinderellaism is either. But at least 5 people have some idea. Enjoy the magic pumpkin ride to the dance.

8: Good Night Reverend Moon 3% - 15 votes

7: Mr Toads Wild Three County Ride 4% - 18 votes
Not as many of you rode the school bus as I would have guessed.

6: Little House On The Survellience Video 7% - 30 votes
I'd like to thank my friends from redacted for voting.

5: Oh No - Pioneers! (Native American Folklore) 9% - 37 votes
I'd like to thank real Americans everywhere for voting.

4: Charlie And The Restructuring Of The Chocolate Factory 9% - 38 votes
This one surprised me a little. I thought it might do a little better. I guess most of you escaped childhood prior to the wrath of Al Chainsaw Dunlap.

3: The Nancy Drew Book Of Sealed Indictments 10% - 43 votes
Please leave my friends in the survellience video alone.

2: James And The Giant Penis 12% - 52 votes
I'd like to thank James Jeff-Gannon "the White House Porn Cannon" Guckert for visiting Corrente 52 times over the last 3 weeks.

And the winner is ~ Sex and Drugs!
Splitting 192 total votes:

#1- TIE: The Adventures Of Pippiā€™s Long Sheer Smooth Silky Stockings - 22% - 96 votes

#1- TIE: Meth Lab At Pooh Corner - 22% - 96 votes

What are you people? Bikers? Maybe... lezzbean bikers?


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