Wednesday, February 16, 2005

But who will replace "Jeff Gannon"? 

Not in our hearts, of course, but as Scott "Sucka MC" McClellan's lifeline? Here's a letter from one applicant:

Dear Mr. McClellan:

I am writing you in regard to the now-vacant position of White House press corps plant.

To give you an idea of my own abilities, I have put together a few sample press conference questions for your consideration:

Mr. President, at this point in your tenure you have not made a single wrong decision. Do you find it difficult to work with this kind of incredible record, or is perfection something you get used to over time?

Mr. President, now that Iraq has held free elections, your policy has been proven to be correct and democracy is on the march in the Middle East, how do you respond to those who are calling you the greatest American since FDR?

I think this applicant has a bright future in the malAdministration....

Readers, can you help him out with more questions for Scotty?

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