Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bush: Soak the rich! 

Inerrant Boy must be getting desperate. He's actually opening the door to progressive taxation:

President Bush is not ruling out raising taxes on people who earn more than $90,000 as a way to help fix Social Security's finances.
(via AP)

Splendid. And deep down in the story we read:

If Congress did nothing but lift the cap entirely and therefore subjected all wages to the tax, Social Security would be financially balanced for 75 years, though the system would again face trouble after that, according to one economic analysis.

So, that's that, eh?

However, it's important that the Dems give Bush nothing on this issue. Since the only "responsible" course is to get these guys out of power as soon as possible.

But wait a minute. Since THERE IS NO SOCIAL SECURITY PROBLEM TO "FIX", why not put progressive taxation back in place for other purposes? As Dean advocated during the primaries, we could fix the deficit and move toward universal health insurance. What's not to like?

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