Monday, February 28, 2005

B.T.K. stands for Bush Takes Köntröl 

Oh, gosh, that is a little over the top, isn't it? I've just got to learn to be more "responsible"... But not yet, Oh lord, not yet!

Anyhow, there are some interesting cultural points in the BTK saga, beyond the usual "Bobo's World" snark. First:

Dennis L. Rader -- a married father of two, a Cub Scout leader and an active member of a Lutheran Church -- was anything but a recluse.

At his church and around town, many expressed shock that Rader was accused of being the man responsible for at least 10 killings attributed to BTK -- a self-coined nickname that stands for "Bind, Torture, Kill."

"Disbelief, absolute disbelief," said a tearful Carole Nelson, a member of Christ Lutheran Church, where Rader was an usher and the president of the church council. "I never would have guessed in a million years."

"The guy that walked in here was not the face of evil," said Bob Smyser, an usher at the church.
(via CNN)

How innocent—To believe that evil would necessarily have any face other than an ordinary human one! As if life were a horror movie...

Remember how we've kept hammering on the POTL? One of characteristics of the the evil ("the People of the Lie") is that they hide in churches for protective coloration. (NOTE: It is precisely because most churchgoers are not evil that their strategy works.)

Rader is a clear case of one of the POTL using this strategy.

The Pharisees and hypocrites using religion to gain worldly power under Bush are an equally clear case of POTL in action, but that's a story told elsewhere.

Now, today's new fact about Rader. He worked for a security firm, ADT:

Before he started as a city code enforcer in suburban Park City, Dennis L. Rader was an employee at an ADT Security Services branch office in Wichita ...

In the year since BTK reappeared, the number of Wichita-area residents installing ADT-like security systems rose noticeably. In some cases, the waiting periods for systems installations increased from two days to almost a week.
(via AP)

Hmm... The guy who installs security systems is also the guy causing the fear that causes more security systems to be installed...

Sound familiar? It's the old gaslighting trick with a new twist, isn't it?

Hey, just a metaphor, folks ....

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