Saturday, February 05, 2005

Andy Reid's first day in town 

Philadelphia, that is. From the town where booing fans pelted Santa Claus with snowballs:

When [Andy Reid] finally got to Philadelphia the next day, there were introductions to be made, offices to be arranged, and assistant coaches to consider, along with the countless small details that go with starting a new football regime.

It was late evening when an exhausted Reid started out in search of a meal, along with Butch Buchanico, a team official.

As they finally sat down in a South Philadelphia restaurant, in walked a priest. Recognizing the Eagles' newest hire, he offered Reid his blessings.

As the priest moved on, he was stopped by a large group at a nearby table and asked why he had bestowed his prayers on the large gentleman with the big, bushy mustache.

Informed that man was the new coach of the Eagles, they booed in Reid's direction.
(via LA Times)

See, Philly is a many-splendored thing. There's more to us, much more, than competitive eating!

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