Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Alpo's GOOD for You! But We Knew That. 

Impact Press’ Chris Hartman did a very good job on Alpo Accounts back in ‘02. It’s dated, but this taste will show you why it’s still good:

…To satisfy their shareholders, companies must make bigger and bigger profits each year. One way companies do that is to take customers away from their competitors. For companies in the retirement account business, their biggest competitor by far is Social Security. If Social Security were dismantled, mutual fund firms could collect management fees on 300 million individual retirement accounts, a massive boost to market share and a staggering profit potential. So it makes sense that the Fidelitys, Prudentials, and Morgan Stanleys of the world would be working overtime to take customers away from Social Security.

But there's a problem. Social Security is not optional. Potential customers couldn't take their Social Security taxes and give them to Wall Street firms, even if they wanted to. Before the bankers and brokers can convince Social Security's customers to make a consumer choice -- to pick their mutual fund -- they have to get them to make a political choice. They have to get those customers, millions of Americans, to agree to the abolition of Social Security.

But that will require some persuasion. So the Wall Street firms are relying on an advertising concept called the Unique Selling Proposition, that special something that makes a given product unique or better than all the alternatives: Gillette Mach III razors provide the closest shave; Michelin tires provide the safest ride for cars carrying small infants; the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup….

The whole thing’s at: IMPACT Press: Article: "Four Lies About Social Security" -- Feb.-Mar. '02

This is of course, the whole soft-sell approach now being used. Oh, heavens no. We aren’t going to abolish Social Security. My goodness, no. We’re going to SAVE it. Sillies.

We knew this was coming. So let’s not act surprised, eh? Why didn’t it come in ’03? Well, duh. Because of ’04. Hope you 51% is mighty satisfied.

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